The Plain View is a non-profit corporation with social enterprise values. It is officially registered as The Plain View Newspaper Corporation. 

The Plain View was established to act as a central hub for connection and information sharing for the Grandview, Gilbert Plains and surrounding Parkland region of Manitoba. The publication strives to create an accessible, central means of sharing and receiving information along with keeping past residents connected to their hometowns.

Current directors

  • Sarah Mackenzie-Rae, President, Gilbert Plains/Grandview Municipality
  • Alia Marcinkow, Secretary, Gilbert Plains/Grandview Municipality
  • Kayla Luky, Treasurer, Gilbert Plains/Grandview Municipality
  • Ryan Paziuk, Director, Gilbert Plains Municipality

Members at large

  • Breann Maxwell, Gilbert Plains/Grandview Municipality
  • Sawyer Elliottt, Grandview Municipality
  • Kerry Gryba, Gilbert Plains Municipality


Pictured above clockwise: Sarah Mackenzie-Rae, Kayla Luky, Ryan Paziuk, Sawyer Elliott, Alia Marcinkow, Breann Maxwell

Not pictured: Kerry Gryba

Members at large are always welcome. Please email us at theplainviewmb@gmail.com if you are interested in being part of The Plain View team.

Please note as a non-profit, receipts are not eligible for charitable tax deductions.